2013 Top 10 Laptop (Gaming, Notebook)

2013 Top 10 Laptop  (Gaming, Notebook)

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2013 Top 10 Laptop (Gaming, Notebook)

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What are you supposed to use marble composition notebooks for?

My school supply list (eighth grade) says both spiral notebooks and marble notebooks, but everyone at school seems to use spiral ones. What are the marble ones supposed to be used for? Like, compared to spiral ones?

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Answer by walking disaster
technically i guess they’re about the same

however, i used a marble notebook [10th grade] for chem, where you’re supposed to keep a composition book. we weren’t allowed to use a spiral.

my english teachers like composition books for journals and logs, and because when you pile them up -unlike spirals – the metal wire on the left doesn’t get tangled in with other notebooks’ wires.

or it just might be personal preference, that some teachers just like them better

The 10 Coolest Laptops Of 2013 (So Far)

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Now we'd say that if long battery life is important, look for a laptop with Haswell. They're just that good. However, last year's processors are far from obsolete. In fact, without factoring in graphics performance, Haswell's computing performance is …

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