$3 Altoids Emergency USB Charger

$3 Altoids Emergency USB Charger

Emergency USB

Altoids Emergency USB Charger

HAVING TROUBLE? JLaservideo made a great tutorial on how to make this. Here’s a link to the video He has other coo…
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How to make windows vista read usb drives in safe mode?

I have a Windows Vista laptop and my biggest problem is that it can’t read the drive where you put memory cards! It doesn’t recognize it at all in safe mode. Same goes for anything i plug into the USB slots.

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Answer by JIM
Why are you in Safe Mode? That is like an emergency mode to use if you can’t access Windows normally. If there is a booting problem with Vista (the usual reason for being in Safe Mode) maybe you should worry about that before trying to use Safe Mode as a normal mode

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Emergency USB
… Pandora® internet radio compatibility, Stitcher™ internet radio integration, E911 automatic emergency notification and SMS text message receipt and delivery, two USB ports, voice command, dual zone automatic climate control, an overhead console …

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