Adobe's $10-per-Month Photoshop Subscription Warrants a Cautious High Five

Adobe's $10-per-Month Photoshop Subscription Warrants a Cautious High Five

Adobe Updater hogs CPU for 45 minutes
Image by schoschie
45 minutes for downloading a 46 MB update, CPU at 100%. Why?

But that’s not all… after 45 minutes of my Mac crouching… (see next photo)

Adobe hate is spreading through the web, and justifiably so. Adobe have become so ignorant and arrogant, they are putting even Microsoft to shame. It is too apparent that they are being run (down) by a bunch of suits who use their brains exclusively to calculate market share and stock bonuses. With each new release of Adobe software, they are becoming more bloated and sluggish. They ignore anything and everything that is known about usability. They creep into every crevice on your system. If I were a developer or designer at Adobe, I’d kill myself… or go work as a hustler.
And it’s sad, and infuriating, because I used to like the software they made. I really did.……

Adobe's -per-Month Photoshop Subscription Warrants a Cautious High Five

In May, Adobe upended its business model and upset broad swathes of its install base by shifting, full steam ahead, to a subscription-only model for its creative suite of tools, including Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. That subscription model had …

La ruta del adobe
Image by Chechi Pe
Luz que penetra el mágico recinto hecho de Adobe que se dibuja en forma, textura y color…
Reflexión que nos hace pensar que siempre miramos hacia el exterior sin tomar conciencia de nuestra identidad.
Aquí Fiambalá Catamarca Argentina… La Comandancia de armas, construida en 1745 por Diego carrizo de Frites que trajo la primera cepa de vid a la región.
13 segundos f:11 iso:100

Photographers Rejoice: Adobe Unveils a /Month Photoshop CC and LR Plan

When Adobe announced its shift to a subscription-only model earlier this year, there was an outcry from photographers who balked at the idea of paying over $ 20 a month to use Photoshop CC. There were soon murmurings that the company was brewing a …

Adobe’s Wheel-o’-Icons
Image by Charles Williams
The color association that is carried throughout the product brands, makes complete sense. All the products are grouped together relative to their functionality. Adobe’s step to strip the brands of their illustrative elements was ‘ballsy" and may take some getting used to, but I think works well.

Adobe announces Photoshop CC and Lightroom plan for .99/month

At the Photoshop World conference in Las Vegas yesterday, Adobe announced a new special subscription price for those that sign up for a Photoshop CC and Lightroom plan before December 31. The new subscription plan is for current owners of Photoshop …

Shiny New Adobe CS3 Dock Icons
Image by Mr. Daniel Godin
My desktop with the shiny new Adobe icons in the dock ? I’m such a geek, but I love them!

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