Apple International Smart Keyboards Now Available

Apple International Smart Keyboards Now Available

Following on from the release of the new iPad Pro advert yesterday, promoting the latest tablet from Apple as a fully fledged computer. The company has today started rolling out international versions of its Smart Keyboard accessory for iPad Pro, which were previously only available in either English or US layouts.

New localised iPad Pro keyboard layouts now including British English, French, Spanish, Korean, Italian and Arabic to name a few. With the new Arabic keyboard providing full support for the right-to-left language on iPad Pro.

The new Smart Keyboards are now available to purchase from the official Apple store via the link below. Apple explains more about its design.

Apple Smart Keyboard

The Smart Keyboard combines an array of new technologies and materials to create a keyboard like no other. It’s a full-size keyboard that’s fully portable, and connects to iPad Pro with the Smart Connector, an innovative new interface that allows for a two-way exchange of power and data. Just attach the Smart Keyboard and start typing. And when you’re done it folds together to create a slim, lightweight cover.

For many, a keyboard remains a convenient way to put thoughts down and get work done. The Smart Keyboard — available for both the 9.7‑inch and 12.9‑inch iPad Pro — features innovative technologies that free you from switches, plugs, and even pairing. It’s a perfect blend of utility and portability.

Unlike traditional keyboards, there are no gaps between keys to trap crumbs or coffee. Instead, the keys have been laser ablated into a single sheet of durable custom-woven fabric. It provides the spring-like tension for each key, eliminating the need for bulky conventional mechanisms. The fabric is also coated in a water- and stain-resistant finish.

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