Apple Releases iOS 10 Beta 4 To Developers

Apple Releases iOS 10 Beta 4 To Developers

Apple Releases iOS 10 Beta 4 To Developers

Today Apple has release iOS 10 Beta 4 to Developers allowing them to test out the latest mobile operating system on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.

The latest iOS 10 mobile operating system will be launched to the public later this year during September 2016, in conjunction with the new iPhone 7 smartphone range. Check out the video below to learn more about all the new features and functionality that have been added by Apple in the latest iOS 10 software.

Features you can expect to enjoy in the new iOS 10 Beta 4 release include

– New Control Center splash page
– No new wallpapers (yet) but several removed + iOS 8 stock wallpaper returns
– Health app videos are still placeholder images (tweaked colors and layout)
– Folder animations are sped up
– Redesigned emoji characters with more diversity
– Taptic Engine vibration when manually locking phone is gone
– Date section widget returns to iOS 10

Functionality not in iOS 10 beta 4

– Faces in the Photos app do not sync across your devices.
– Functionality that requires adoption from App Store apps, such as iMessage apps, SiriKit, and Maps extensions, will not be available until those apps are able to adopt and submit to the Store.

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