Apple's MacBook Shipments Increased By 30% Last Quarter

Apple's MacBook Shipments Increased By 30% Last Quarter


According to a recent report sales of Apple’s MacBook’s were up buy around 30% in their last quarter. The news comes in a report from TrendForce who have released that shipments of Apple’s notebooks were up by 30.3%.

The new 12 inch Retina MacBook apparently helped Apple increase sales of their notebooks for the quarter.

Apple’s MacBook shipments in the second quarter were up 30.3% versus the first quarter, placing the brand on the fifth spot of the half-year ranking. This shipment surge was generated by the release of an upgraded 12-inch model of the latest MacBook. TrendForce expects MacBook shipments to register sequential growth in the third and fourth quarter because Apple will also be releasing new products for both periods.

Apple is expected to overhaul its MacBook range later this year with some significant design changes which could help it further boost notebook sales.

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