Best 13-Inch Laptops in 2014

Best 13-Inch Laptops in 2014

Hello to all my loyal readers and sorry for not publishing an article for a while. Anyways, here in this post you’ll read about best 13-inch laptops in 2014 and why I personally chose a 13 inches laptop. I know exactly how touch it gets while buying a new laptop, there are plenty of brands, specifications, screen types, laptop sizes, etc. I personally prefer a 13-inch laptop since it’s not too small neither too large. So overall, it’s pretty portable and good enough to carry around or even to watch movies.

Most of 13-inch laptops these days are lightweight and perfect for just about anything and they include everything or even more than ordinary 15-inch laptops. Whether it is performance, portability, features or touch screen display, you can get everything in a 13-inch laptop. Recently these kinds of laptops have broken all records and boundaries when it comes to sales. If you think 13-inch laptops are only good for travelers, students or businessmen then you’re wrong here, in plenty of ways, these laptops are best and are available in any option including Windows 8 and Mac. Anyways, overall it’s going to be your decision but just check out our favorite and best 13-inch laptops of 2014.


The best 13-inch laptop and slimmest laptop in the world is of course none other than the Apple MacBook Air 13. Lately many laptop brands have manufactured their slim and thin laptops but still Apple is the one to make thinnest 13-inch laptop. It’s a perfect device for college students and businessmen. It’s usually known for its battery life which is more than 10 hours. When we talk about performance, it’s simply incomparable. Most of people buy Apple Laptops just to show off how much rich they are but overall it’s totally worth it if you know how to utilize it. Its multi-touch pad and backlit keyboard is another reason why it’s one of the best 13-inch laptops in 2014.


I know Acer is not a top and popular laptop brand like others but since the launch of Aspire S7, they have completely changed thoughts of people about them. They are no more a computer brand that manufactures budget machines. This 13-inch laptop is certainly among the best ultrabooks of 2014 and also one of the swiftest ones. I prefer this to people who want a touch screen PC since its feel is simply going to make you go crazy. It’s a multi-touch screen and of course 1080p Full HD. It is as slim as Apple MacBook Air and even lighter when it comes to weight. It’s a great laptop to carry around all day and it comes with all latest specifications to boost its performance.


Since its launch, the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga has been in the news and trends. It clearly is one of its kind laptop. It’s a 13-inch hybrid laptop that can rotate to 360 degrees and can be used only with screen just like a tablet. According to Lenovo, it’s all about portability and flexibility. Hence they’ve offered a laptop and tablet which is just awesome. I know there have been plenty of laptop tablet hybrids lately but this is not among them because you don’t have to separate your keyboard or do anything else, all you have to do is simply rotate the keyboard and get busy with whatever you have to do.

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