Bing and Spamcat

Bing and Spamcat


Bing and Spamcat

It’s magical! Everything by TomSka and Bing except explosions from
Bing Video Rating: 4 / 5

What do I need to do to get Bing video to work in Internet Explorer 8?

For some dumb reason, Bing videos don’t seem to load or play. Yet nothing comes up at the top of the browser telling me I need to install anything to make it work. I used to watch on MSN just fine, but now all links point to Bing – and Bing does not work.

Bing best answer:

Answer by Gary
You might want to check a few things.

First make sure that the IE8 security settings are not set to High. This will cause some problems. On IE 8, click the Tools item in the upper right. Then select Internet Options at the bottom of the list. Click the security Tab.

Second, Bing Video uses Microsoft Silverlight to display Videos. You should confirm that Silverlight is installed and working correctly on your computer. Try visiting

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