Centigon ramps up Toyota SUV for rapid assaults

Centigon ramps up Toyota SUV for rapid assaults

Centigon’s ramped-up Toyota SUV is designed for rapid assaults – this is hardly a vehicle for soccer Moms.

Part of Carat Security Group, the global armored vehicle company, Centigon brought its pimped out Toyota Land Cruiser SUV to Paris for Milipol this week.

Dubbed FLAMS, or Fast Light Assault Modular System, this is one Toyota LC200 that is engineered for battling terrorists.

While the vehicle may have the Toyota Land Cruiser LC200 chassis as its foundation, it has been heavily enhanced with armor and also less-than-standard features.

Depending on the configuration, the amped up LC200 can carry up to 10 operators. Reaching speeds of about 100 mph, it can cover about 250 miles on one tank.

But this vehicle isn’t about speed, it’s about responding to terrorism-related incidents.

Fully Loaded Perks

With the new Toyota LC 2016, the company introduced fully loaded features like extra soft material in the cabin, a wireless phone charger and a rear-seat 10-inch dual screen entertainment system. There’s also a cooler box and cup holders.

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FLAMS is an entirely different level of fully loaded – this is fully loaded for assault.

The Centigon-adapted vehicle has features like a state-of the art Force Development Services- designed assault system. FDS makes more than 100 assault ladders that have all undergone extensive destruction testing. One of the company’s signature systems is its boarding ladder designed for the Royal Marines to board ships.

Need to rapidly access something 30 feet high – like, say, a plane where terrorists have taken people hostage, or an apartment where terrorists are holed up? No problem. This vehicle can drive straight up to the plane on the tarmac or outside the apartment building. The FDS assault system loaded on this Toyota can provide swift access.

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The removable assault system on the vehicle shown at Milipol includes a ramp of about 13 feet that can reach 30 feet with an additional ladder. This is exactly the sort of range friendly forces may need to aid, for example, hostages on a Boeing 747.

FLAMS can deploy different technology to deal with different challenges whether it is providing access to a specific height or bridging gaps to gain access to particular locations.

It can also be kitted out with all the bells and whistles folks like to include in a serious armored  “civilian” vehicle like a tire system that  can still perform after a puncture and a protected fuel tank.

Other options include gun ports, 360 degree video control system, siren and search lights.


With the new Toyota LC 2016, the company also introduced features to make it safer for civilians like adaptive cruise control and accidental Frontal Collision Avoidance.

Amped up to protect professional operators, the FLAMS LC200 is heavily armored and specifically designed to withstand a hefty amount of deliberate collision.

The specially designed armor hull provides a high level of protection against both ballistic and blast threats whether from grenades or improvised explosive devices. The hull also has a special corrosion resistant coating that is both fire retardant and enhances the blast protection. Even the windows provide protection with multi-layered ballistic glass.

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