Chrome APK Packager, transform applications android apps for Chrome

Yes, there is an called Google Play application  Chrome APK Packager allows us to transform any installed application in our android app that can install in our Chrome OS or any computer that has Google Chrome installed.



Yesterday AndroidPolice commented on such a possibility thanks to an application would have to be installed outside of Google Play. Its operation was simple:

– Installs in mobile
– the app “victim” is selected
button is pressed to generate extension -.

You have now migrated to Google Play with the same performance. The result is that we have to install zip in the browser to the app appears as another application, taking a limit of number of apps that can be installed in this way (limit which can be removed by installing Archon Custom Runtime .

To load an extension in Chrome only need to access in chrome: // extensions /, select the “Developer” option and specify the location where the directory with the files.

The result can be quite unstable. Yesterday I was in alpha version, only now it has risen to the category “beta”, so do not expect a 100% guaranteed to work.

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