Commvault release a new data management platform

Commvault release a new data management platform

Business Analysis

Commvault, a data management company, is rolling out updates to many of its enterprise products today, with the aim of simplifying the process of actually using your company’s data.

Among the updates are new open APIs that promise not to lock in customer data, better data searching tools, and a new back up mechanism that only saves blocks of data that have been recently changed. The company has also improved its disaster recovery tools with a dashboard that can be used to handle “provisioning, management, retirement, and cross-platform migration [or] recoveries,” according to its senior product manager of data protection and recovery, Jonathan Howard.

This is the eleventh version of what Commvault calls its “solutions portfolio.” Existing customers will be able to upgrade to the new tools — or “seamlessly consume” them, in the company’s parlance — without hassle. (And if there’s anything people hate when it comes to buzzword-laden cloud platforms that allow them to “activate” and manage their data, it’s gonna be any hassle.) They will also be available to new customers, as is the way of new product releases.

Here’s what Howard had to say about the new product releases: “Our focus on open access, flexibility, and automation provide customers the ability activate their data in ways that were never before possible. This allows customers to reduce or eliminate backup windows, instantly access or recover workloads while providing automation to eliminate manual and complex operations.”

Commvault began as a development group in Bell Labs in 1988, and was a “strategic business unit” of AT&T Network Systems until it went solo in 1996.

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