Google Glance: A Look At Google Products, Services And Tools

Google Glance: A Look At Google Products, Services And Tools

One of the biggest startup success of our times, Google has becomes synonymous with instant information. So much so that today the word “search” is on a brink of extinction with the new expression “Google it” taking over.  The Oxford English Dictionary has Google listed as a verb and a noun, goes to show its prowess and the mind-space it occupies.

What started on September 4th 1998 as a privately held company, Google became a name to reckon with in all these years and today offers bevy of internet related products and services. It was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were Ph.D students at Stanford University. Since its IPO in 2004, the growth of Google has been rapid and has been responsible for increasing its reach exponentially through acquisitions and other partnerships.

Some of its breakthrough products that have been the lifeline of internet are discussed below.

Search Tools

Google Search: The core competency and the blood line of the company, Google search engine is its first and most famous product. Google receives over 100 billion requests on a monthly basis and also serves the regional domains.

Accessible Search: Built for the visually impaired, the results give accessible websites to minimize distractions and make browsing easy for the disabled.

Blog Search: This search lists all the blogs and not just the ones listed on the blogger.

Google Books: This search engine provides full texts or excerpts from the printed books, depending upon its agreement with the publisher.

Google Custom Search: The user can create a personalized search option for their websites.

Google News: the search engine is automatically updated by all the latest news in more than 20 languages.

Web History: web page tracking service that records all the searches, pages, videos, images, music etc.

Image search: The results on this search engine are based on the file name corresponding to the image.

Google Alerts: this is an email notification service which notifies every time there is a new result in the chosen items.

Advertising Services

Google AdSense: contextual advertising solution is offered to the web publishers that provides Google AdWords relevant to the site content.

Google AdWords: Advertisement option in the sponsored links section that can boost the website traffic and subsequently sales.

AdWords Express: easy online advertising option available to the customers

Google Grants: Charitable organisations get free AdWords advertising as a donation.

DoubleClick: This service is for the buyers or creators of the digital media which gives them the technology to manage the advertisements.

AdMob: Mobile advertising service offered to the mobile operators

Communication Tools

Google 3D Warehouse: This tool allows the users of Google Sketch Up to hosts 3D models of existing locations which also includes buildings. These models can then downloaded by Google earth or other users.

Google Apps: This service is available to business owners or education providers to customize the apps under their custom domain name. The service includes Gmail, Google Docs, Google groups, Google sites, Google earth, Gtalk etc.

Blogger: this is a weblog publishing service which allows the users to create custom blogs with features like comments section, photos etc.

Google Bookmarks: This free online bookmark service is available to all the Google account holders free of change.

Google business solutions: These set are services are specifically for the business owners with products that include Google AdWords, Google AdSense, Google Analytics, Google site search, Google website optimizer etc.

Google Calendar: this free calendar service can integrate your Gmail account. You can share the event and the ‘quick add’ function can be used to add events to the calendar.

Google Docs: get remote access to documents, spreadsheets, power-points which can be published or collaborated.

Google Drive: online service that allows backup and storage. This service is also linked to your Google docs.

Google Hangouts: IM and video-chat portal which has integrated Gtalk, Google+ and Hangouts service into single application.

Gmail: freeIMAP& POP email service offered by Google. This email service is highly popular because of its elastic storage capacity and search based UI. free service that shortens the Google & Non-Google website addresses

Google+: Google’s very own social networking site

Picassa Web Albums: one of its kind online photo-sharing platforms used widely for its easy accessibility.

Google Fonts: free directory of hosted web fonts

YouTube: One of the most famous video sharing portals that allows users to share, upload and view videos online.

Miscellaneous Products & Services

Google App Engine: allows the users to develop and run web apps

Google Maps: provides the most accurate driving directions and local business search to people using the mapping service

Google Analytics: get pure number data regarding the traffic your website generates with the help of AdWords integration into the content.

Google Earth: desktop based application is a virtual 3D globe that uses the imagery from satellite, aerial photographs and GIS

Google Public DNS: new entry into the DNS domain can be accessed publicly.

Operating System

Android: This operating system is Linux based and powers smart phones and tablets

Chrome OS: Linux based OS works with web based apps only.

Discontinued Services

Orkut: This social networking service was initially available through invitation only which was later opened up to everyone. You can use it create personal and professional networks.

Google Deskbar: this feature had a built in mini browser in the desktop bar.

Google Click to Call: One could speak to the businesses free of charge after looking them up Google search

Google Lively: Animated chat program that ran on 3D model

Dodgeball: This social networking site was built specifically for mobile phone users. They could text their location to find the nearest friends, interesting hangouts etc.

Google Rate finder: This service could be used in 14 US cities to get real time rates of taxis, limousines and any other shuttle service.

Google Buzz: social networking integrated with Gmail to allow users to share photos, videos, updates etc in one go.

Picnik: online photo-editor service

Meebo: users could create their personal profile and then advertise on a social network

Google Talk: IM service for text and video chat was replaced by Google hangouts

Google Schemer: search allowed to look for activities that can be done at home or globally

Google notifier: alerted the users of any new messages in their Google Account

You Tube My speed: now known as Google video quality report

Google, over the years has been there and done that. It’s offerings extend much beyond this list and continues to grow successfully. It has constantly experimented and brought in innovative solutions to augment the user experience. The newest entrant in the long lineup of Google products, we hear are the driver-less vehicles. Are you ready to get in?

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