How can I make a web server faster?

How can I make a web server faster?

Web Server

How can I make a web server faster?

I am running a pretty old computer as a web server running ubuntu and apache. I can’t upgrade internals right now(although I know that is probably the best way to speed it up) so I am looking for any other ways to improve its speed and performance.

All answers are greatly appreciated!

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Answer by ROCKY
Start by getting rid of Ubuntu and replace it with CENTOS. Ubuntu is full of applications that clog up your resources.

You can then turn off all the background services your server doesn’t require.

Lastly, you can get rid of APACHE and install Lite Speed Web Server ( free version )

It’s comparable with APACHE but much faster!

NC State develops personalized web search without the usual server strain

web server
The notion of personalized, contextually aware search is nothing new, but it can put a tremendous strain on servers by asking for a lot of data at once. NC State has developed a search technique that could ease that burden. Its code prioritizes results …

What is a web server

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