How to Find Your iPhone Using Your Apple Watch

How to Find Your iPhone Using Your Apple Watch


You put your iPhone down somewhere, but you can’t remember where. You know it can’t be far; you just had it a little while ago. Finding your missing iPhone is quick and easy using your Apple Watch.

To find your iPhone, you’ll use the “Settings” glance. If the clock face is not currently displaying, press the digital crown until it is. Then, swipe up from the bottom of the watch face to access the Glances.


You may have several Glances, depending on how many apps you’ve installed on your watch and chosen to show in Glances. If the “Settings” Glance is not currently displaying, swipe to the right until you reach the left-most Glance.


On the “Settings” Glance, tap the pinging phone button. Your phone will emit a loud pinging sound that will help you locate it.


To return to the clock face, press the digital crown.

NOTE: Your iPhone must be within range of and connected to your Apple Watch for this feature to work.

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