How to Resume Your Last Activity on Wrist Raise on Apple Watch

How to Resume Your Last Activity on Wrist Raise on Apple Watch


By default, your Apple Watch screen turns on when you raise your wrist. Also, by default, when the screen turns on due to a wrist raise, the watch face displays, even if you were performing a different activity on your watch when the screen went off.

The “Resume To” setting on the watch allows you to specify whether you want the watch face to display every time you raise your wrist, or whether the previous activity is resumed. This setting can also be set on the phone. To change the setting on your watch, press the digital crown to access the Home screen and tap the “Settings” icon.

NOTE: The setting on the phone has a different name than the setting on the watch. It’s called “On Wrist Raise” on the phone but it’s the same setting, and we will show you how to change the phone setting later in this article.


On the “Settings” screen, tap “General”.


Tap “Wake Screen” on the “General” screen.


If “Watch Face” is checked, then the watch face displays when you raise your wrist no matter what you were doing on the watch before the screen went off.


If you want to have the watch resume to whatever activity you were performing before the screen went off, tap “Previous Activity” under “Resume To” on the “Wake Screen” screen. Press the digital crown to return to the Home screen and then again to return to the watch face.


To change the same setting using your phone, tap the “Watch” icon on the phone’s Home screen.


Make sure the “My Watch” screen is active. If not, tap the “My Watch” icon at the bottom of the screen.


On the “My Watch” screen, tap “General”.


Scroll down and tap “Wake Screen” on the “General” screen.


Under “On Wrist Raise”, on the “Wake Screen” screen, tap “Resume Last Activity”.


NOTE: Changing this setting on the watch, also changes it on the phone, and vice versa.

You can also turn off the “Wake Screen on Wrist Raise” setting on the same screen if, for example, you need your watch to go into “theater mode” and not display the watch face when you raise your wrist.

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