Hyperlapse, Instagram app to take accelerated video, now recording with front camera


Hyperlapse longer works with the front camera phone or tablet. Yes, the app recently launched by Instagram to allow users to create timelapses or videos with this magical effect to capture long events turning into shorts but is that casual videos of moments of duration, has enabled a feature that could become fashion, rather, “selfielapses” personal timelapses.

The effect uses acceleration technology reproduction and automatic image stabilization to achieve their goal so just take a long time, pressing the record button for starting and running the same action to stop it, and finally choose playback speed that reaches up to 12X. That’s it, in seconds optimized and ready to be held in the gallery of mobile or to be easily shared on Instagram and Facebook results will appear.

To use the front camera recording just press the new button on the right side of the application, right next to the conventional recording. Of course, the application is still useful to work with a professional touch, but now with the new feature landscapes pass the background (?) To convert users into the protagonists of timelapses probably multiply its appearance in social networks.

Hyperlapse is now available only for iOS, especially for iPhones and iPads with iOS 7 or higher. By the way, stand inTNW that the new option is not supported simultaneously with recording scenarios, that is, you can not change camera runs while recording, you can only choose one of the two before starting.

Link: Hyperlapse on the App Store

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