Ingress, the augmented reality game Google adds new feature Missions


As some of you maybe you know, Ingress is the game of Google for mobile devices that makes the real spaces in virtual spaces for its development, which has been installed by more than seven million “agents” around the world on your Android Devices and iOS over the past year, having allowed more than thirty thousand of them participating in different events throughout the developed world.

Reportedly from the game’s own Google+ profile, will now have a new feature that they believe will be the biggest and most important change since its launch. This feature is called Misiones and is initially deployed among users of Android devices, with the idea to reach iOS users a “very near” future.

The “agents” involved in Missions Ingress have to visit a number of places, complete game actions by hacking or capture of Portales, and even use clues to solve puzzles that allow them to advance to the next level. The notice stated further that they have merged data from Guided Missions Ingress, opening the opportunity directly to users to explore through the locations offered by more than 200 publishing partners excursions on the history, art, architecture, outdoor activities, shopping, restaurants and more.

One last point to the possibility that a small group of experienced to create their own missions and share them with other players of the platform agents, although this possibility will grow in the coming weeks and months to those agents who have passed the fifth level.

The new tab Missions is available under the operations menu.

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