iPhone 7 Rumored to Come with 3GB of RAM

iPhone 7 Rumored to Come with 3GB of RAM


Samsung is done with the launch of the Galaxy Note 7 and the next big thing to look forward to is the iPhone which is expected to launch later this year, possibly in September. So it’s probably the time when we’ll start seeing lots of rumors about the upcoming handset.

According to a new report for Digitimes, the upcoming iPhone will be equipped with 3GB of RAM on board, while Android devices are expected to go as high as 6GB.

The report said,

Increasing built-in memory capacity at next-generation smartphones, including new iPhone devices, will further ramp up demand for memory products in the third quarter, said sources, noting that the mobile DRAM capacity of the next-generation iPhone is expected to increase to 3GB from 2GB previously, while those for new Android phones are expected to raise to 6GB from 4GB.

It’s worth mentioning that Digitimes has a very shaky track record in news like these so we’ll recommend a grain of salt. However, it’s not too far-fetched to think that Apple will bump it to 3GB considering the rival flagship smartphones are shipping with 4-6GB of RAM — OnePlus 3 comes with 6GB of RAM on board.

It’s also likely that Apple will increase the RAM in the higher end models — possibly the “Plus” variant — while keeping the standard version stick to 2GB. It’s not confirmed, but we’ll update you as soon as we hear anything more about the upcoming iPhone.

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