iPhone 7 To Feature Pressure Sensitive Home Button

iPhone 7 To Feature Pressure Sensitive Home Button

iPhone 7

Apple’s new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will launch some time next month and according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman the new iPhones will feature a pressure sensitive home button.

We previously saw some photos of the new iPhone 7 and they had shown a flat home button, this would explain why the new home button would be pressure sensitive.

Previous rumors have suggested three possible  models of the new iPhone 7, which would include a 4.7 inch model and two 5.5 inch models, one of these is the Pro the other is the Plus.

In his report Mark Gurman mentions a new dual camera for the larger 5.5 inch iPhone, although it is not clear whether this will be seen on the 7 Plus or 7 Pro.

What he did provide is more information about how the dual cameras will work, the two camera sensors are apparently designed to capture color differently and producing a merged photo. This will apparently sharpen photos taken in low light and also allow you to produce higher quality zoomed photos.

The design of Apple’s new iPhones will be very similar to the current models, of course there are a few minor design changes which include the removal of the 3.5mm audio jack, the antenna being moved to the top and also the new pressure sensitive home button.

The new home button will feature Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint scanner and the button will apparently come with haptic feedback. Apple’s new iPhones will come with their new Apple A10 processor and may also feature 3GB of RAM.

For storage Apple is expected to ditch the entry level 16GB model for a 32GB entry level model and we could see the top storage model increased to 256GB.

We will have more information about Apple’s new iPhones when they are made official next month.

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