Latest IPod + ITunes News

Latest IPod + ITunes News

iPod plus iTunes Timeline, v2.0 — Beta 3 (01)
iPod + iTunes
Image by choreographics
Go back in time. A visual into the past.

Experience the amazing story of how Apple created the iPod, iTunes, and other related products. Ten years of iPod and iTunes history in a convenient timeline with a closer look into the major turning points in history and product releases.

Any suggestions, hints or even requests referring to content and layout are welcome.
I hope you enjoy it. Thanks.

*** Update: Now available to download.
Download it! Print it! Frame it!

Sigur Ros Live Stream Today As Part of iTunes Festival

iPod + iTunes
Anyone in the Apple camp can tune in via the iTunes Festival app for iPad, iPhone, iPod or Apple TV, or use iTunes on their Apple computer. Here's the statement from Sigur Ros: "on monday 2nd september, sigur rós will perform live at london's legendary …

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