Latest Linux News

Latest Linux News

7 Improvements The Linux Desktop Needs

In the last fifteen years, the Linux desktop has gone from a collection of marginally adequate solutions to an unparalleled source of innovation and choice. Many of its standard features are either unavailable in Windows, or else available only as a …

SUSE Linux looks good on shelfs
Image by Lloyd Dewolf
I really like the look of SUSE Linux on the shelf. Ubuntu would look great to the left of it.

Foolswisdom Foto

Opening A Window To Linux Virtual Server Hosting

In the belief that simpler is better, small and midsize manufacturers are increasingly turning to Linux virtual server hosting. A dedicated Linux virtual server hosting package can indeed streamline business processes. It can enable multiple …

Arch Linux (octubre ’10)
Image by Belhor_
Sistema Operativo: Arch Linux (current) xi686
Desktop Environment: LXDE
Window Manager: Compiz
WM Theme: Minimal
Icon Theme: Arch Core
Terminal Font: Terminus
Otros: Screenfetch, tint2, conky, luarings, tilda.

Linux te préserve des virus
Image by nitot
Photo prise par votre serviteur avec l’appareil d’un collègue, sur le stand Mozilla Europe lors du salon Solutions Linux.

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