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Latest Technology News

Technology Is Not Technology
Image by lgb06
Quote from Sir Ken Robinson during Keynote Speech at PETE&C 2010.
"Technology is not technology if it was invented before you were born"

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US technology companies beef up security to thwart mass spying

"It's of course important for companies to do the things under our own control, and what we have under our own control is our own technology practices," Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith told Reuters. "I don't know that anyone believes that will be …

“Technology has exceeded our humanity”
Image by Toban B.
Technologies are human creations,
yet some technologies are placed before humans, at times
(as with roads, in some cases)

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The image also happened to be on the site
I don’t think that any Americans actually are "brainwashed" — whereas that site name suggests that all Americans are brainwashed. Yet, there are Americans who resist or stray from the status quo, and the word "brainwashed" is over-the-top — to the point of ridiculousness.

Technology policy in an election year: stop pretending it's technocratic

Yesterday's launch of Policy Exchange's Technology Manifesto at Google Campus touched on skills, digital inclusion and government investment. There wasn't much for politicians to disagree on: maybe it's time for an Anti-Bland Principle of technology …

SEC aims to catch up to trading technology

Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Mary Jo White laid out a proposal Thursday that aims to help regulators cope with a technological revolution that has turned stock trading into an endeavor driven and dominated by fast computers …

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