Latest Toshiba Television News

Latest Toshiba Television News

New telly
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Name that film!

Toshiba India celebrates cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar

toshiba television
Talking about the campaign, Toshiba India Country Head-DS Division Sanjay Warke, commented, “Toshiba has already established itself as a Thought Leader and front runner with the launch of World's first Cricket TV co-created with Sachin under its …

From 2009.09.25
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Toshiba 40RV525U, also see

By the way, we -love- this television, … when it works.

Samba TV Adds Toshiba TVs To Vendor Team

toshiba television
Las Vegas – Samba TV revealed at International CES a new way to increase revenue from sales of their television sets. The company, formerly known as Flingo, has developed a TV middleware platform that works with apps and TV programming to bring a …

PS3 Media Server
toshiba television
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March 3, 2008 – I’m putting this here just so I can use it in a blog entry.

One to Go
toshiba television
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One of the last two large old-school CRT televisions in the household went kerplutz, rendering the image on the screen perfectly horizontal, but only 50% as vertical making a very squashy feature. I’m glad it went to CRT heaven as it weighs approximately 350 pounds and that is nearing my max deadlift.

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