lg-optimus-g-pro-1358828027-300x218Sleek and large, with touch screens that offer a whole new experience, smart phones have been dominating the markets since the beginning of this millennium, and it’s getting better and better.

It’s a race to prove which company can churn out the bestsmart phone, and it’s not a matter of marketing, it’s a matter of honor.

At the Mobile World Conference 2013, the most innovative stand out was the LG OptimusPro G . Needless to say, the LG Optimus G Pro is huge; with a 5.5 inch touch screen that is the phones most dominating feature. Crystal clear clarity, along with brilliant colors and beautiful graphics, the touch screen is a dream to look at. The phone itself miraculously has shaven off at least 20 grams off its weight, and it is noticeably lighter that the Samsung galaxy note 2 or the Nokia Lumia 920. It has the same spangly finish that was the classic feature of the Nexus 4 and has no flex at all.

The user interface is almost the same as that of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, with both the phones sharing the same icons, screen transitions and the integrated apps. However LG has done considerable scrimping on the side buttons, with are plastic molded and emit an unpleasant, cheap clicking noise that is totally at odds with the Optimus G Pro’s polished appearance.

Some of the custom apps of the Optimus G Pro are really helpful, while others are downright weird if not bizarre.

On the helpful side there is an app called the QMemo, which allows the touch screen to become a notepad and you can use your finger to trace out notes when you do not have a notepad and pen handy. This is especially useful when you are calling someone and don’t have time to hunt for pen and paper. The QMemo can be accessed through the QButton that is located on the side, so if you ever need the QMemo feature, it is just a simple click away. The QButton can also be used as a shutter button.

On the weird side we get the dual recording mode that uses both the front and back cameras for recording. And there is no way to turn it off! While recording the screen shows a small window that features the video from the front camera. It might be useful in certain situations, but it is essentially a somewhat tacky feature.

To conclude however, nothing beats the Optimus G Pro’s 1018p screen with its wonderful clarity.

The size of the phone might deter some dainty handed people, but this may be considered charming idiosyncrasies next to its dynamic look and performance.

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