Liege creators porting the game to PS4, Vita, Wii U, Linux

Liege creators porting the game to PS4, Vita, Wii U, Linux

Liege creators porting the game to PS4, Vita, Wii U, Linux

Development on Liege, John Rhee's modern re-imagining of a classic 16-bit role-playing game, will expand to include PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Linux and Wii U, according to updates on the Kickstarter page. Liege is a cross-platform, party-based …

linux on laptop
Image by kenwood
Installing linux (small Linux):

486 Processor
4 MB RAM memory
120 MB hard disc
Black/white monitor

– Small Linux, is a live-Diskette distribution (2 diskettes)

La Tarjeta PCMCIA con la disketera es CASi mas grande que el mismo portatil.

Bloomberg TV: Most of Modern Society Running Linux

We have been on the front lines of this shift with our Collaborative Projects where we have worked with companies like the New York Stock Exchange and projects like the SDN platform OpenDaylight on bringing Linux' collaborative DNA to these new …

In Flight Linux
Image by John C Abell
The in-flight entertainment system on Virgin America is powered by Linux, the signature penguin reveals.

Linux Mint 15 KDE hands-on: A stumble on UEFI Boot

If you are running a typical setup of Linux Mint only or Mint/Windows dual boot, you would have to leave Legacy Boot enabled to use the system, but because I have several other Linux distributions installed on the UEFI systems, I was able to configure …

LOL @ Linux Hippies
Image by 37prime
OK, it’s the Moscone Center, right after Linux-World

Microsoft Outlines Windows Server 2012 R2 Support for Linux

Microsoft today reiterated its support for Linux server operating systems with its emerging R2 products. Erin Chapple, a Partner Group program manager on the Windows Server and System Center team, provided a summary of the developments in Windows …

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