Moneypenny the new virtual assistant by Facebook with “real people”?


Facebook has provided a number of useful updates to its Messenger. Along with adding high-definition video calls and cash transfers to it, Facebook has also opened up Messenger for people who are not on Facebook. Now, reports claim Facebook to be developing a ‘real life’ virtual assistant to challenge the likes of Siri, Cortana and Google Now.

Although there has been very little information on this topic, The Information reports that the virtual assistant is reportedly being called ‘Moneypenny’. Although the Bond reference remains unclear, Moneypenny will apparently feature real people in place of a programmed voice-recognising assistant. It will be capable of carrying out “research and ordering products and services”. There has been no information regarding a probable release date, or regions of availability.

Nonetheless, if Moneypenny does materialise (with or without the name), Messenger will become a very worthy, all-encompassing communication app. Right now, Messenger allows business-oriented notifications, third-party application support to enhance further usability, direct sharing and coordination with Facebook Timelines and money transfers, alongside its messaging capabilities. Additionally, people can now sign up for Messenger with phone numbers, even if they do not have a Facebook account. A number of features in Messenger’s arsenal, unfortunately, is still region-specific.We wait to see what Moneypenny has to ‘say’.

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