New Apple iMac (2012) 21.5″: Unboxing & Demo

New Apple iMac (2012) 21.5″: Unboxing & Demo

Apple IMac

New Apple iMac (2012) 21.5″: Unboxing & Demo

A detailed unboxing and demo of the razor-thin new Apple iMac on-sale now! The new iMacs debut with Ivy Bridge processors, USB 3.0, and an improved laminated…
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Apple iMac
Apple iMac
Image by Jorge Quinteros
Whenever a car venue wanted to provide more information regarding any of their cars in exhibit, to no surprise, there were iMac everywhere for the public to use.

How are Apple iMacs different from Windows?

I want a new computer and was told the Apple iMAc doesn’t have/allow the spam/virus’ like Windows based computers. Is this true? Also- would it be difficult for someone who is technology challanged to transition?

Apple iMac best answer:

Answer by mlemck53
In my opinion, to run a Mac, less technical experience is needed than there is to run a PC. Not just iMacs (an amazing computer that I’m using now) but all Macs cannot get viruses for they can’t be hacked into. They are immuned to viruses and spam. Call a tech person from Apple and they will help you for hours if they have to! As you imagine, they don’t get many calls!
These pages can be helpful when purchasing a Mac:

Apple iMac LCD monitor problem
Apple iMac
Image by liewcf

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