New Flipboard app for Windows Phone


In October last year, at the Nokia World 2013 held in Abu Dhabi, the company’s mobile now part of Microsoft announced that Flipboard “soon” be available for Windows Phone .Well, that “soon” has turned into “almost a year” so far as only some users have had access to the download and use of Flipboard on their phones with Windows Phone 8.1.

For more sadly still, it’s not the final version, it is mentioned in his official Twitter profile that could cause failures in the Windows Store is not available for all phones as well as restricting operating system seems to require at least 1 Gb of RAM, and has no effect “flip” characteristic transitions between content that has made ​​him so popular in the worlds of Android and iOS because they are simple slides which accompany the navigation now.

Divided opinions are among those who have been able to download and test-which can try the link at the end of article-because although the above restrictions do not valid the long wait at first glance, categorized content, presentation professional item selections, high quality sources willing to touch and the ability to create stories from selected manually for further social sharing content still remain to his credit.

They have also commented on Twitter that there will be an official announcement in the “near future”-hopefully closer than that “soon” already comentamos-. Anyway, it’s not a good first look but at least its appearance is noted, subtract it keep hope of obtaining as nice as the other systems experience, without going further, that achieved in the app Flipboard for Windows 8 .

Link: Flipboard for Windows Phone

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