New Mechanical Keyboard Launched: Tesoro Tizona with detachable numpad

New Mechanical Keyboard Launched: Tesoro Tizona with detachable numpad

The folks at Tesoro dropped us a line to let us know that they have launched a new mechanical keyboard that is now available in USA. It’s the Tesoro Tizona, and has a unique style you might want to check out:


As you can tell, it carries that “gaming keyboard” design. What’s most interesting about it is that it has a detachable numpad that can be moved to either side. Additionally, you can buy the pieces individually if all you need is a Tenkeyless keyboard.


One cool feature is that whichever side doesn’t get the numpad now has an extra USB port. There’s also an AC jack to enable high power output for quick charging devices.


It looks like it uses a custom font for most of the keyboard, and it may include some metallic WASD caps that use a different font. Also it may be due to being a prerelease model, but the Ctrl and Alt keys use a different font from the rest of the keyboard. We’ll have to see if this is the case in the final design.

As for the switches, they only say that they are mechanical, and available in blue, red, black, or brown. The fact that they don’t mention Cherry doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t – Cooler Master never mentions Cherry in their releases, and most of their boards use Cherry at this time. For now I’ll assume that they are made by Kaihl or someone else, but we’ll have to wait and see once we get our hands on one.

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