OhMiBod’s Bluetooth “massager” has a clever new selling point for Apple Watch

OhMiBod’s Bluetooth “massager” has a clever new selling point for Apple Watch

Smartphone and smartwatch technology makes are our lives easier but sometimes gets in the way of human relationships. Thanks to OhMiBod’s Bluetooth “personal massager” your smart Apple devices might just help you keep your relationship closer than ever. During CES 2015 OhMiBod announced the addition of smartwatch connectivity and biofeedback functions to its blueMotion line of Bluetooth massagers, including support of the upcoming Apple Watch.

In fact, the company plans to release its new smartwatch app to coincide with the release of the Apple Watch. The new app allows users to transmit signals to their partner’s massager based on their own heart rhythms. We’ll let OhMiBod explain the feature:

Imagine how you often feel with a partner-excited, turned on, and, at times, maybe even a little nervous. With this app, the wearer’s heart rate not only creates the vibrations that drive his or her partner’s pleasure, it also determines the strength and intensity of those vibrations.

The watch’s microphone will feed vibration patterns to our range of Bluetooth enabled massagers. So it won’t matter if you’re in the bedroom, in the club, or at a concert-you and your partner can enjoy real-time ambient sounds where it counts, when it counts, and with complete discretion,

If you’re having a hard time selling your partner on the expense of a brand new Apple Watch, think of pitching as “for both of us.”

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