Pixel Vision is a walnut slice

Pixel Vision is a walnut slice


From the mind of Love Hultén​, a Swedish craftsman with an amazing name, Pixel Vision is a Kickstarter retro gaming project that combines style and function.

These handcrafted handhelds are a tribute to retro gaming itself – a time where the limitations of the hardware led to laser focused efficiency.

Love Hultén​ has designed larger gaming cabinets and the like in the past – in the same signature style – but the price of these creations means many can’t afford his work.

This led to the creation of Pixel Vision, a handmade pocket sized portable game system made from solid walnut. 


This foldable console, inspired by the Game Boy Advance SP, measures only 95x95x45mm and is built around a system emulating classic consoles like the NES, Atari 2600, Game Boy and many more.​

Pixel Vision can store over 10,000 games, with full USB functionality, letting you create your own legally grey library.  It also holds up to eight hours of charge.  

Since they’re handcrafted, the console will be limited to an initial run of 500 units. You can get one if you pledge just over £300 to the Kickstarter page, and the product will ship in February 2016.

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