Q&A: How do I know if a processor will work with 64 bit OS?

Q&A: How do I know if a processor will work with 64 bit OS?

64-bit OS

Dell Compellent to become even more efficient
 64-bit OS
Image by Dell’s Official Flickr Page
Phil Soran, president of Dell Compellent, discusses where Dell Compellent technology is headed.

How do I know if a processor will work with 64 bit OS?

I am building a computer and I have never learned how to tell if a processor can handle Windows 7 64-bit. How do I tell if a processor can handle a 64 bit OS? Can any processor handle 64 bit? Thanks.

64-bit OS best answer:

Answer by Yanchen Ma
What processor is it? Most CPUs on sale today can handle 64 bit processing.

Windows XP on VMware on OS X (Snow Leopard)
 64-bit OS
Image by dsleeter_2000
I wanted to see how efficiently each of these three ran together. The Core 2 Duo (1.5 year old MacBook Pro) is running Snow Leopard which runs mostly in 64-bit, with some apps running in 32-bit mode (including VMware Fusion here). If Windows is indexing, it goes up to 50% CPU utilization. This shows everything running basically at idle.

VMware Fusion v2.0.5 running XP Pro on top of Snow Leopard balances the load on both cores very well. Real world, the performance of XP run this way is just fine for most office software. A bit slower, but what the heck, it’s virtualized and running side by side! The Mac barely notices.

The same Windows partition can run as the boot partition — becoming a high-end Wintel PC. Sometimes that is the best way to go. But we (she) now prefers to work with Win XP running as a virtual machine along with Mac software, side by side.

Some day I will upgrade to VMware Fusion 3.0.1. And Windows 7.

 64-bit OS
Image by Alejandro Castro
Fotografía número 1333, en conmemoración del aumento de RAM, para poder ejecutar con mayor fluidez Adobe Lightroom 2

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Devaluando mi Mac diciembre, 2006
Mi escritorio febrero, 2008
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