Review of Sony Viao e series sve15115en.

Review of Sony Viao e series sve15115en.

Sony Viao

Review of Sony Viao e series sve15115en.

Review of Sony Viao e series sve15115en for gadgetronica .Working with green screen was a different experience Editing & Post-Production : Raviteja Cinematog…
Sony Viao Video Rating: 5 / 5

Need motherboard drivers for a former Sony VIAO?

a friend of mine gave me his old mobo with CPU and RAM. He told me I would have to try finding the drivers on the net. So far I’m still looking. This is the info I have on it:

Intel E210882
D915GRO/D915PRO/D915GVRO (those might be 0’s on there.. I don’t know..)
Sticker says: BQR050302927 AA C89748-200

I haven’t been able to find drivers any where.. Any help out there?
I went to the intel website and did the live chat thing. they told me that it was an OEM board and they don’t have drivers for it. Then I went to Sony and they have nothing there that helps me. I have emailed them and waiting to see what they say.

Sony Viao best answer:

Answer by JR_the_postman
Unfortunately this is for a microsoft operating system, otherwise you could boot from a Linux LiveCD to ID your motherboard…

Sony Vaio Desktop: VGC-RB30/PCV-C21L Part #: 28220832 Maybe these are international Part #’s (They may be different names for the US market) I could not find the motherboard listed on the North American Intel website…

Another older reference to this motherboard…

Have you got the front panel configuration, there are a number of questions about that on the web for people changing cases…

I looked on ebay for a D915GRO/D915PRO/D915GVRO motherboard, there was one closed listing…
Sony VGC-RB53 (Intel D915GRO/D915PRO/D915VRO ) MB

He included a link on the sony website… Maybe this can assist you…

Have you considered trying a Linux LiveCD?

If you do not have software to burn a ISO, IMGBurn is free…

Mepis, Mint, or Ubuntu are full desktop Linux operating systems you can download as an ISO that should not require you to find motherboard drivers, they should just boot up and get you on the net… Try all three of them and install one you feel comfortable using, all three of these free Linux operating systems have good support forums…


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