Self healing monitoring chips? Never heard of that!

Self healing monitoring chips? Never heard of that!


You heard of machines that heal themselves (think Terminator), but that was all science fiction was it not? Think again, in latest tech news for today, we came across self healing monitoring chips that actually heal and rearrange themselves in case of damage. No major damage mind you, or repair themselves in a totally cool visible way. These self healing monitoring chips will rearrange their electrical pathways as to not disturb the working of your device.

These self healing monitoring chips were developed for supercomputers,

as simple damages like overheating can lead to the complete disruption of the system. And it is not always cost effective to dismantle an entire computer to get at a small fault that might take considerable time to locate. These self healing monitoring chipsare just on the threshold of being fully developed, but as up till now, researches have only succeeded in making one microchip do its self repair.

Ali Hajmiri and Caltech are the brains behind this research. They have designed a microchip that can reconstruct itself by using parts of the chip that are damaged and re routing electrical signals. These self healing monitoring chips have a secondary processing unit that kicks in time of damage and causes reformation of the chip. However major damage like heating and breakage is not capable of being repaired by these self healing monitoring chips can be a Godsend once developed, although the cool healing chips won’t be a bad idea either, This is all in latest tech news for today.

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