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Sprint to Offer 1M Low-Income Students Free Devices, Data

Computer October 19, 2016 0 Comments

The Internet is a blessing to many a school-aged kid trying to get through the night’s homework assignment, but what if your home has no Internet access? It happens all too often in poorer neighborhoods, but Sprint’s new initiative will provide 1 million high school students with free devices and wireless connections. The 1Million Project is a multi-year plan to…

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HP Presented new super

Technology August 30, 2016 0 Comments

HP released the brand new notebook with copper-accented elements named Spectre 13. Along with it debuted their new impressive minimalist and modern HP logo. The American company work on its rebranding since 2008 with company Moving Brands and today they can enjoy the product of their long work, which from now on will represent consumer devices of HP. Spectre 13…

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Asus Republic of Gamers GT51CA

Technology August 30, 2016 0 Comments

Specialized in high-quality gaming hardware division Republic of Gamers of Asus announced the advent of GT51CA – powerful gaming desktop configuration with Intel Core i7 processor with the option to be overclock to 4.6GHz and other specific features that fans of PC gaming will immediately appreciate. Turbo Gear overclocking function allows the CPU to jump to 4.6GHz without even having…

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Computer coughs up passwords, encryption keys through its cooling fans

HARDWARE July 22, 2016 0 Comments

Here’s a security update to haunt your dreams, and to make the FBI’s quest for un-exploitable cryptographic backdoors look all the more absurd: a team of Israeli researchers has now shown that the sounds made by a computer’s fan can be analyzed to extract everything from usernames and passwords to full encryption keys. It’s not really a huge programming feat,…

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deal:Save 96% On A Lifetime Subscription To The Virtual Training Company

Computer June 16, 2016 0 Comments

Learn highly marketable skills and secure your dream career in the technology sector with a lifetime subscription to the Virtual Training Company. Gizmodo Australia readers can take advantage of this offer for just $128 AUD [$99 USD], a savings of 96% off the RRP, but only for a limited time. Your lifetime subscription to the Virtual Training Company includes access…

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Computer May 29, 2016 0 Comments

PROS Large number of servers and end-point countries Worked for Netflix during our tests Wide range of privacy and security features Clear no-logging policy CONS Expensive without special offers KEY FEATURES $8 per month (£5.55) $48 per 6 months (£33.10) $96 per year (£66.22) Connect up to six devices Supports OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec OS support: Windows, Mac OS X, Android,…

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THIS Could Be the Computer You Need

HARDWARE March 1, 2016 0 Comments

A new Indiegogo project out of Shenzen, China, promises to make low-cost computing accessible to all. Running the Android-based Remix 2.0 OS, the Unuiga S905 claims to be the cheapest 64-bit Android desktop PC in the world. The device is cheaper than any Android handset on the market, but of course, the maker can save money on components such as…

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Computers can tell if you’re bored

Computer February 1, 2016 0 Comments

If someone is absorbed in what they are watching or doing — what Dr Witchel calls ‘rapt engagement’ — there is a decrease in involuntary non-instrumental movements. The discovery could have a significant impact on the development of artificial intelligence. Computers are able to read a person’s body language to tell whether they are bored or interested in what they…

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HARDWARE November 16, 2015 0 Comments

Toshiba’s Portege Z20T is a 2-in-1 laptop-tablet combo that tries to be everything to everyone. The tablet portion has a generous 12.5-inch, 1080p screen, it’s reasonably if not exceptionally portable, and it can be docked into a businesslike keyboard that turns it into a conventional laptop. Premium features like backlit keys, not one but two active stylii, magnesium housing, and…

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