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Nice Sword, Clown Lady

Software February 3, 2016 0 Comments

Al Jerek Torrijas is a concept artist who works at Ubisoft’s Toronto studio. It’s been a while since we had a good splash of colour here on Fine Art. I think this makes amends. You can see more of Torrijas’ work at his personal site and ArtStation page. To see the larger pics in all their glory (or, if they’re…

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Pixel Vision is a walnut slice

Technology November 15, 2015 0 Comments

From the mind of Love Hultén​, a Swedish craftsman with an amazing name, Pixel Vision is a Kickstarter retro gaming project that combines style and function. These handcrafted handhelds are a tribute to retro gaming itself – a time where the limitations of the hardware led to laser focused efficiency. Love Hultén​ has designed larger gaming cabinets and the like in the past…

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Ingress, the augmented reality game Google adds new feature Missions

Technology November 7, 2014 0 Comments

As some of you maybe you know, Ingress is the game of Google for mobile devices that makes the real spaces in virtual spaces for its development, which has been installed by more than seven million “agents” around the world on your Android Devices and iOS over the past year, having allowed more than thirty thousand of them participating in…

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Red Bull Racers: Fueled for fun

Smartphones November 4, 2014 0 Comments

Players can test their skill with vehicles in motorcycle, street, Spielberg, off-road, and formula races against multiple opponents in Red Bull Racers. There are different vehicles and difficulty levels to unlock in the game which adds to the challenge and replay value. Red Bull Racers is compatible with iOS devices running iOS 7.0 or later.Red Bull Racers features a variety of…

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Ouya game Polarity heads to Steam Greenlight with PC version

Computer August 5, 2013 0 Comments

Vergleich Netzteile Asus Eee PC 701 und 900 sowie “normales” Notebook Image by thosch66 Das Netzteil des Asus Eee PC 900 ist jetzt "klassisch" aufgebaut. Während es zum Asus Eee PC 701 ein Steckernetzteil gab, sieht das neue Netzteil, wie ein normales Notebook-Netzteil aus: ein abnehmbares Kabel zur Steckdose und ein Kistchen mit Kabel zum Gerät, nur etwas kleiner. Hier…

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Liege creators porting the game to PS4, Vita, Wii U, Linux

Software June 26, 2013 0 Comments

Liege creators porting the game to PS4, Vita, Wii U, Linux linux Development on Liege, John Rhee's modern re-imagining of a classic 16-bit role-playing game, will expand to include PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Linux and Wii U, according to updates on the Kickstarter page. Liege is a cross-platform, party-based … linux on laptop Image by kenwood Installing linux (small Linux):…

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