The Social Network

The Social Network

Social Network

The Social Network

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What is a good social network program i can host on my webspace?

Hello, Im planning on hosting a social network but i cant find any good programs to host it! can anyone suggest a program to use, i want it to be easy to navigate like facebook or!

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Answer by Blogger2012
Dear HTMLFreak, I think that is a good social network program for you to host your own web space.

DESKTOP e-JOURNAL is another special feature in Corlif that requires a person to download this software and jot down their thoughts revolving their daily life or happenings to upload it later on Corlif for the sake of sharing.

Corlif consists of useful features like WRITE TO SANTA, APPLY FOR PHILANTHROPIST USER and CHARITY which will act as a potential source for serving mankind directly or indirectly. It allows those willing members to offer help to those in need.

HTMLFreak, I hope that you will have a good blogging time this site. Take care & all the best ?

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