ViewSonic VX2450 LED Monitor Unboxing and Review

ViewSonic VX2450 LED Monitor Unboxing and Review

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ViewSonic VX2450 LED Monitor Unboxing and Review

the View Sonix VX2450wm LCD monitor uses LED back lighting which makes it super efficient and bright. It handles gray and black better than monitors lit with…
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How to color calibrate two Viewsonic monitors on the Mac?

I have two Viewsonic monitors, VP171s and VP2130b I’m using on a Mac Mini with Mountain Lion. I noticed when looking at the same graphic side by side with both monitors that the color in the VP171s is off from the VP2130b. I’m not sure which one is the correct color, but it’s obvious they don’t match. I want to do a color calibration of both monitors so they have the correct colors, but they match.

Is there a way to do this so both monitors match the colors correctly? Thanks!
Is getting the color chart like using old SMPTE color bars in video where you use it as a baseline for color and match things up by tweaking the “knobs”?

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Answer by josephz2va
It depends since they are two different models. You can play with the RGB or if the monitors have been used for years given the model numbers are way off, they need to be refurbished at a technician’s store.

Though the simpler way to solve this is to buy two of the same models or a giant one given that a technician would charge you the same cost as buying two new ones.

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