Windows apps on Android is coming soon

Windows apps on Android is coming soon

Windows apps and games running on Android devices is about to become a reality thanks to new emulator software from Codeweavers.

The firm is about to release a new version of its CrossOver application as a free download, allowing users to run PC software on their Google tablet and smartphone.



As is often the case with these free lunches, there’s a caveat – the emulator only works on devices based on x86 architecture or an Intel Atom chipset.

This automatically rules out many of the bestselling Android devices, leaving only the likes of Lenovo’s Yoga 2, the Nokia N1, and the latest ASUS Zenfone compatible.

Not all Windows apps will run on the emulator, either, with many built for keyboard and mouse and others ill-equipped to run on Android.

Anyone who does meet the tight hardware requirements will be able to download a preview version of CrossOver soon. You can register for updates on the Codeweavers’ website.

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